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Don't rely on luck to buy lottery tickets that you won't win!


fun88 appThe reason why gambling games have always been popular is nothing more than that you can make money by playing games, touching clams and washing your pants. In recent years, Fun88 has changed more and more. Just place bets on the table screen, there are richer new games, more realistic live images, and instant interaction with zero time lag. In this era, most people are not satisfied with their current income and want to gain extra profit by investing. Event betting, gaming games, and lottery prizes have begun to become one of people's investment options.fun88 app


Fun88 appMoney is a number, so most games related to gambling have nothing to do with numbers. Let's take the most classic big lottery as an example! The Big Lotto is a public welfare lottery ticket issued by Taiwan Win Lottery in 2004. The current highest jackpot prize is 937,684,442 on June 9, 2009. After deducting 20% ​​tax and four-thousandths of stamp duty, one person will get more than 700 million yuan in bonuses!Fun88 app


If you want to increase your chances of winning the lottery, you must first learn a few things:

Numbers can speak, but numbers can also deceive people

. Sorting numbers

into a big lottery chart.

After finding out the hot numbers, how to further calculate that

this time you missed it, buy the same number next time


Numbers speak, but numbers can also deceive

Fun88 appThe number makes you think that this range is not large, so the chance of being selected is great, but what many people don’t know is that the probability of choosing the correct 6 numbers from 49 numbers is about 1 in 14 million, which is The odds of winning a jackpot lottery ticket is only 0.00000007. From the point of view of mathematical theory, all numbers from 1 to 49 have the same probability of appearing.Fun88 app


Fun88 appIt is really difficult to win the first prize. It can be said that there is no way to know exactly which six numbers will be drawn, but we can focus on "guessing the right number" instead of winning the first prize. In other words, as long as the small and medium prize is enough, even if you only win the least one bet of 400 yuan, it is 8 times the original investment of 50 yuan. Those who are not easy to choose the right number, even if they buy 5 times, it will be 150 yuan more. , Buy a few bars and multiply by a few. If you play with a gambling mood, this kind of return is pretty good.Fun88 app


Classify numbers

Fun88 appHowever, in fact, among the 49 numbers, there are still so-called hot numbers and unpopular numbers. This part can be seen from the Big Lotto trend chart, which number appears more frequently? Which number is called less often? Suppose we grab 20 lottery records and find that the number of occurrences is at most 4 times and at least 0 times. Then the 4 times are the hot numbers and the 0 times are the unpopular numbers. In this way, which number will be more likely to be drawn High is obvious.Fun88 app


In short, there is no such thing as "you can win by luck." Probability is always a key factor in a game of casino. There are several strategies to predict the lottery numbers , some do not even require strong math or computer skills, just follow simple instructions and the ability to understand simple concepts.


There is a way to calculate rates involving popular and unpopular numbers. This may be the best way to choose lottery numbers, but it is also the most underrated way, because it seems that some numbers are easier to draw than others. Another method uses the so-called "frequency theory" to try to predict which numbers are more likely to be drawn than others.


In fact, many lotto players have the habit of recording the winning numbers, and see that the frequency of numbers, the number and frequency of statistical numbers play an important role in calculating the probability of winning. When these simple recording methods and inference methods are used and combined together, players can obtain one of the most effective and simple prediction systems in history.


To make a big lottery chart does not need to be highly professional, but you will need a little patience at the beginning, and spend time collecting a large number of lottery records as a statistical sample.


Make a big lotto chart

The easiest way is to tabulate the history of the lottery, write numbers from 1 to 49 in the vertical row, and write the date in the horizontal row. If the number drawn on August 8 has "8", then it will be 8 in the vertical row. Mark it with the grid that crosses August 8th in the horizontal row, so that you can quickly see which numbers appear more frequently and which numbers appear less frequently; hot numbers appear frequently, while less popular numbers appear less frequently. Numbers drawn. In the live streaming screen of the Mark Six lottery in the casino


How to calculate further after finding hot numbers

It depends on the date at this time! In fact, when you look at the statistical graph, you can find that the time intervals of the same number appear to be different, and there is no certain rule, which is of course. After all, the calculation of probability is not fixed, but you can find that the probability of issuing the same number in two consecutive periods is very low, usually the same number will appear at least a few days later. Is it every few days? The number of days for each number is different. Some numbers appear once in 4-9 periods, and some numbers only appear once in more than 10 periods, so it is said that it depends on the date.



I missed this time, buy the same number next time

Although these numbers may seem unlucky because they were missed, this is actually a clever approach. The reason is that since the same number appears in two consecutive periods, the probability is very low, which means that compared to the six numbers in the previous period, The other 43 numbers are more likely to appear. According to this theory, the result is: if I didn't win the six numbers I bought last time, it means that their chances of winning this time are higher.


In fact, in order to increase the chances of winning the big lottery, many people really did everything they could to think of a lot of ways, and even began to look for numbers from the details of their lives, thinking that it was a bright card number to be given to him. But apart from intangible beliefs, such a method really has no stronger basis. Today we speculate the winning numbers from a scientific point of view. There is a real basis, and many authorities in the gaming industry have used this method. Seeing this, you may want to say, "But none of them have become billionaires." , But we just mentioned that the goal of betting is to "choose the right number" instead of "the jackpot", right? Accumulating less is the most refined way to play Lotto.